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Help Us Assist Displaced families and children as a Guardian Partner


Touching Lives As a Recurring Guardian Partner

When Rhonda came to us she had been couch surfing for months with various friends, along with her 10 year old daughter. She was a 2-year recovering addict, and her boyfriend fell back into that lifestyle - one she desperately wanted to avoid. So to find a better, sober life, she was on her own … until she found Mercy. She was accepted into our Self- Sufficiency program for 6 months and then Housing Stabilization for 7 months, which scales down the financial assistance and offers continued Care Coaching to success. She graduated in May 2018. She and her daughter are now successfully living on their own, in their own apartment, and grateful for the impact that Mercy has had on her life.

There are many more like Rhonda - families and individuals who still need our help. But we can’t do it without your continued support.

Mercy established the GUARDIAN PARTNER PROGRAM to recognize those who have committed to regularly supporting Mercy.

As a Guardian Partner, your recurring (quarterly, monthly, weekly) donation allows us to confidently plan ahead and meet the ongoing needs of our clients. This regular level of support helps Mercy to purchase food, clothing and other necessities while providing coaching and support on a path to successful self-sufficiency. All donations remain in Clay County to help our own neighbors in need.

Please make a recurring donation here or contact us at (904) 701-7651 or for assistance.


Thank you!